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Opening a PR to Bitbucket from the terminal

One can't always use GitHub to store their code, in some cases other solutions have to be used, most likely imposed by some big obtouse company. One of such solutions is BitBucket.

One thing I love about GitHub is how easy it is to create a pull request. You can go on the project's repo and see the button to do it if you recently pushed on a branch that is not the main one, or use the hub gem and do it from the terminal.

Once you get used to this convenience switching to BitBucket can be quite annoying.

I wrote a simple little script to open a PR to a BitBucket repo from the terminal:


branch=$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)

open "${org}/${project}/pull-request/new?source=${branch}&t=1"

Running this script, which I usually call, will open your browser on a configured page to create a pull request on BitBucket.

Unfortunately you have to specify the organization and the project name in the script. This is quite annoying, but is a one off operation.

If you use this script, or have a better solution to suggest, please hit me up on Twitter @mokagio, I'd love to hear your opinion.


I just realised that a simpler way to achieve the same result is to simply click with the mouse on the link that appears in the result of a push to a branch that is not master!. I guess it went a bit too far in my quest to never leave the home row 😳.

Happy coding, and leave the codebase better than you found it.

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