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How to manually generate Devise reset password link

One of the users of one of a sort of SaaS I look after on the side reached out saying they couldn't reset the password.

Apparently, they did not receive the reset password email; it wasn't even in their spam folder.

The simplest thing to do was to generate a new reset password link and send it to them directly.

I use Ruby on Rails for my backend, with as little custom logic as possible. Naturally, the authentication layer is taken care of by devise.

To manually generate a reset password link using devise, the first step is to log in your server and launch the Rails console.

bundle exec rails c

Once in there, ask devise for a new reset password token. The call returns two values. The first is the raw token to use in the reset password URL query string, and the second is a hashed version of the token.

raw, hashed = Devise.token_generator.generate(User, :reset_password_token)

For the reset password to work, you need to associate the token to the user that will use it.

user = User.find_by(email: '')
user.reset_password_token = hashed
user.reset_password_sent_at =

Finally, you can share the URL. Unless you have customized your routes, it'll look like this:

Full credits for these steps to this StackOverflow answer.

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