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The best free RSS reader app ever: IFTTT + Pocket

RSS is a great way to stay up to date with your favourite blogs, and I don't care if the internet seems to have decided that RSS is dead.

On the market there are a number of great RSS apps and web services, but what's better that make one your own?

Combining IFTTT and Pocket you can create an automation pipeline to deliver your favourite blog's posts to your reading list.


  1. Choose the RSS Trigger Channel.
  2. Choose New feed item as the Trigger.
  3. Paste your favourite blog's RSS url in the Feed URL field.
  4. Choose Pocket as the Action Channel.
  5. Choose Save for later as the Action.
  6. Populate the Tags as you think appropriate.
  7. Hit the Create Action button.


You can use this recipe to send new mokacoding posts to you Pocket reading list, and duplicate it to subscribe to your favourite blogs.

And you know what the cool thing? You can use this workflow with other channels, like Readability, Feedly, the iOS reading list, Instapaper, and many more.


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