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How to remove trailing whitespaces from all files in a folder

From the Terminal, cd into the root folder containing the files with trailing whitespaces, then run the following command:

find . -not \( -name .git -prune \) -type f -print0 | LANG=C LC_CTYPE=C xargs -0 sed -i '' -E "s/[[:space:]]*$//"

Today I had a play around with BuildSettingsExctractor, an app that reads a project.pbxproj file from the Xcode IDE and extracts all the build settings into dedicated files.

The app added helpful documentation comments to each setting it extracts, but the formatting was a bit off: the empty comment lines had a trailing whitespace.

Trailing whitespaces do not impact the app performance and they are not a source of bugs. Still, they are incredibly irritating and unnecessary.

I couldn't help myself and looked for a way to remove them that didn't involve editing all of the files manually. I found it in this answer, which I tweaked a bit to make it a one liner, as shown above.

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