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Some things I learned in August

###iOS and Objective-C

Since NSDecimalNumber can be init from a string there's the risk it's gonna produce a NaN. To avoid this check for [myDecimalNumber isEqualToNumber:[NSDecimalNumber notANumber]]

xcoder a Ruby gem to automate our Xcode project management.


As you know I have the -really good- habit of writing scripts to automate routine tasks in my work, mostly in Ruby. I naively used to check for arguments with ARGV.include? "--some-option", until a workmate had a look at my code and surprisedly asked why Ruby didn't had an option parser library like argparse module in Python. Turns out it does. Meet the OptionParser class.

Configure URI.extract to avoid unexpected surpirses.

colorize, gem to add color to Ruby scripts.


timeago, quick jQuery library to format datetimes in "xxx ago" strings.

###Layout and CSS

FlatUI framework

Their slow in definig standards, but sometimes the W3C is a good place where to find resources. Fonts usable in CSS.

Font Custom and IcoMoon, resources to aggregate icons in a font file, to use as font icons. Or, why not, to speedup iOS development, as I'm doing in one project of mine I may write about soon: MTFontIcon.

###Interesting Readings

###Tools, a shared kanban board for your projects on GitHub.

My workmates Adam Chainz introduced me to the Colemak keyboard layout.

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