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Some things I learned in July

July has been a month dense of learning and (re)discoveries! First of all Rails 4, which I come to love back in the day, when I was working with my friends on the first prototype of Kunerango

Objective-C and iOS Development

Guess what? CoreData doesn't make your life easy when you're seriously working with test, I like the protocol approach, even if it adds a some "boilerplate code" to maintain.

nomad a set of useful tools to automate the every-day development. Another gift from mister Mattt.

Ruby on Rails

Rails 4 finally out!

Nice and clear guide to testing with RSpec on Rails

Binstubs, because the less we type, the better!,,

The haml-rails gem integrates with the template generators, out of the box!

How cool are named routes? post 'items/move_down/:id' => 'items#move_down', as: :move_down ), look at the routes.rb comments to know more about them.

Amazon AWS S3 gem

I found a nice gem to add enumeration type to the ActiveRecord models: active_enum, but is it compatible with Rails 4? Here's a link on how to use it.


I wrote some scripts to speed up some of my daily task at work, and used some nice gems in the meantime: nokogiri, to parse HTML using CSS selectors rest-client, fetching pages from the web with one line of code json, to parse JSON diffy, comparing strings has never been so easy mail, sending emails from your scripts

Coding Recipes

Several ways to run a command line command from a Ruby script.


Fixing Postgres connection error on OS X Mountain Lion (funny because with Node there were no problems)


I looked into a bunch of Javasciprt techs: Underscore.js, Jade, Handlebars, Stylus, Express


Software Engineering Good Practices

Coupled dependencies, I found one of those monsters in a colleague's code. It took a lot of self-control to avoid being a prick and pointing it out on GitHub.

Interesting readings

How Basecamp Next got to be so damn fast without using much client-side UI

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