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Some things I learned in October

The month of October has been strange. I decided to change my job, I'll write about it later, and so I spent a lot of time sorting out my websites and CV, some of my open source projects, looking for a new possible company. I also reached the final stage of the development of a new -sort of- app with my current company, in the worst possible way ever, rushing into last minue changes, UI redisigns, bugfixes. All this to say... I read and explored less than usual, and probably forgot to take record of interesting things.

##iOS Simulator Screen Recording

As I mentioned we reached the pre submit state for an app with the currently that I'm gonna leave in some days. I'm not proud of that app so I'm not gonna link it. Anyway they wanted a screencapture to show to some chinese dude. I used SimCap and Soundflower, and I've been pretty happy with the result. Everything is simple and straightforward to used. Only one note: don't panic if after enabling Soundflower the sound in your Mac doesn't work anymore, it's just going through it instead.

##An HTML5 nightstand...

For a sleepless night I got into HTML5 game development, part because of a talk I saw, part because of an idea I had, that I had to put aside because I needed more time to implement it. It all brought me to discover Quintus a nice HTML5 game framework. Here's an interesting tutorial I took: Create a HTML5 Mario style platformer game.

##New discoveries

Through some friends I came across these interesting websites.

  • JSDB a collection of JavaScript frameworks, plugins and tools
  • Codewars a gamified way to improve your coding. Full disclosure: that link will give me referral points. Normal one here

##A final word

I also failed to fullfit my commitment to answer 4 questions I asked myself. I won't make any commitment this month.

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