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How waiting in line can improve your focus

Embrace boredom to train your brain to sustain focus when working on demanding tasks

When experiments go wrong

Scientist can learn a lot from failed experiments. To do so, they must be methodical and collect all sorts of information. Softwar developers can learn a lot from failures, too. What are the practicies that can make learning easier?

What can a pipe wrench teach us about software engineering?

With his famous pipe wrench lecture, Vannevar Bush taught young MIT engineers the value of precision. The same teaching holds true for software developers.

Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey

Hyperfocus will teach you how to concentrate effectively and let your mind wander to reach creative insights.

Top 10 Productivity Books

A running list of the top 10 most impactful books on productivity I've encountered so far

Why I'm cutting back on podcasts and audiobooks

I realized I was on a path to remove time for reflection from my life, mainly by filling every available moment with podcasts and audiobooks. These are the steps I'm taking to cultivate more solitude, and the benefits I'm already seeing.

The value of decluttering and optimizing your software

Digital minimalists believe that clutter is costly and optimization is important. Let me show you how these ideas apply to software development as well.

The Productivity Project - by Chris Bailey

My notes and quotes from The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey

Stephen King's Advice To Software Developers

In "On Writing" Stephen King shares invaluable lessons for aspiring novelists which can be applied to software development too.

What software developers can learn from Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci's life as told by Walter Isaacson in his biography is a source of inspiration for anyone working in a technical and creative field.

How to choose what to refactor

A way to identify the areas of code to refactor with the highest return of investment using the "focusing question" technique.

4 books to kick start 2018

Books suggestions to start 2018 with the right mindset and tools.