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Unit Testing Combine Publisher Cheatsheet

Snippets to test the behavior of Combine Publishers in XCTest ready to copy and paste into Xcode

Write better Swift unit tests with custom XCTest assertions

The XCTest Swift testing framework has a limited offer of assertions. There's only so much you can do with XCTAssertTrue and XCTAssertEqual. This XCTest tutorial shows how to create custom assertions to make your unit tests and UI tests shorter and clearer.

How to write unit test assertions for Swift Result values

Result is one of the most useful types in the Swift language. Learn how to write better unit tests using Result in this XCTest tutorial.

How to decouple unit tests from values that change frequently

When the output value of a function changes often but the logic to pick it doesn't, adding a separation layer will make unit tests easier to maintain.

How to remove duplication from Swift tests with helper functions

Some code ends up requiring a lot of duplication to be tested. You can remove it by using helper functions encapsulating the shared assertion logic.

XCTest closure based expectations

Testing async code is not simple, but XCTest provides us with all the required tool. This post shows how to wait for an expectation to be fulfilled based on a Swift closure.

Testing Delegates in Swift with XCTest

In this second post of the Practical Testing in Swift we a look at strategies to test how objects call their delegate methods or set property on them.

Testing callbacks in Swift with XCTest

Better tests with Specta

Writing unit tests for our iOS and OS X projects not only is important, but should be always part of the development cycle. As such the way we write the tests is as important, and having the option to write tests that easily explain their purpose can drastically increase the quality of the suite. Specta and Expecta are two libraries that provide a different way to writing tests than XCTest, let's see what we can gain by using such approach.