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How to use CocoaPods as a CLI tools manager

CocoaPods can be configured to only resolve and download dependencies, making it a great manager for vendored CLI tools

How to test view controllers navigation

The answer to "How can I test that a view controller presents another view controller when something happens?" is as simple as defining a delegate.

Getting Started With OHHTTPStubs

Good unit tests are fast and deterministic. Testing code that hits the network could undermine this goal, but using OHHTTPStubs we can take back control of our tests. This post explores the advantages of stubbing the network, and provide a guide on how to do it with OHHTTPStubs.

How To Fix Fabric Crashing On Startup When Installed Via CocoaPods

If you are experiencing crashes with a version of Fabric and Crashlytics installed via CocoaPods chances are you are missing required information in the Info.plist. This post shows how to solve this issue.

AFNetworking custom response serializer to add error information

How to implement a custom AFNetworking response serializer to read the failure response data and populate the callback error with it.

How to test UI changes in Xcode 7

One of the characteristic of the UI is that it changes, and there are scenarios in which writing UI tests to assure that the change has happened correctly can be very valuable for the reliability of our apps. Writing such a test is a bit harder than normal, let's see how to do it.

In-App Purchase Debugging Lessons

A couple of tips learnt the hard way on how to develop and debug In App Purchase support in an iOS app.

Gradient Backgrounds Studio: Lessons Learned

Sharing assets across iOS projects with CocoaPods, Resource Bundle, and dynamically loaded fonts

Sharing some thoughts on iOS 7

Sharing thoughts by some lead designers on iOS 7.

Bringing font icons in iOS with MTFontIcon

Introducing MTFontIcon, a CocoaPod library for iOS to improve application development efficiency by using font icons.

CocoaPods: the $(inherited) flag

A self memo on how to set the $(inherited) flag on a project using CocoaPods on Xcode.

mokagio's self memo for Facebook Integration on iOS - Part 1

Step by step guide on how to integrate the Facebook SDK in an iOS app, the right way. Part 1: Facebook Login.

CocoaPods - How to create your own Pod

A step by step guide to create a basic CocoaPod.


A brief introduction to CocoaPods, the Objective-C dependencies manager.