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CocoaPods: the $(inherited) flag

I've done it a lot of times by now, but I keep forgetting it. So here's a quick post to commit it to memory!

If we have a project with the Tests target it can happen that after running pod install we get this message:

[!] The target `MyProjectTests [Debug]` overrides the `FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS` build setting defined in `Pods/Pods-MyProjectTests.xcconfig'.
- Use the `$(inherited)` flag, or
- Remove the build settings from the target.

How can we "use the $(inherited) flag"? Where should we add it?

The $(inherited) flag is an flag we can pass to the linker and that does some magic.... I haven't been able to find a proper explanation for how $(inherited) works, although it's easy to guess from the name.

Being a linker flag we can add it in our target Build Settings > Other Linker Flags section.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 00.16.36

That's all. I feel better now that I've put this piece of memory in the external storage of my brain that is the internet. And I hope it may help someone else too.

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