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Sharing some thoughts on iOS 7

Today I read this article I added to my reading list a couple of days ago: iOS 7: leading UX designers give their verdict. I founded some of the opinions quite interesting and worth sharing.

The functionality at the core of iOS7 hasn’t changed much it has just been extended in a number of ways. The main deviations are from a visual perspective.

The biggest change is the introduction of a brighter colour palette, which allows Apple’s LCD screens to compete with vivid OLED smartphones (suc as the Samsung Galaxy). This allows Apple to increase its appeal to the Asian market who demonstrate a preference for bright colours throughout their consumption of visual culture.

This suggests a shift in focus from user experience to customer experience.

Kostja Paschalidis, service designer at Fjord

A lot of the button pushing, slide out panels and alert boxes from the previous skin were reminiscent of stale formats we are accustomed to from the 'Web 2.0' era and the lack of innovation within Windows.

Andy Parker, UX designer at Clearleft

We know when a button's a button. It doesn't need real-world lighting to trick us into tapping it. We're living in a digitally savvy world now compared to 2007 when the iPhone first launched. Therefore UI in general going forward will feel authentically digital and that's regardless of the mobile platform it's being designed for.

Shaun Tollerton, Visual Designer at ustwo

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