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The case for creating a merge commit

My current thoughts on which merge strategy to use on GitHub. "Create a merge commit" will help you make sense of how code changed over time without removing the option for a high-level overview of the changes on the main branch.

How to merge pull requests with a commit that improves your Git history

When merging a pull request on GitHub, it helps to replace the default merge commit title with the PR title or an equally descriptive one. This will make your Git history more informative, and developers will understand the changes in the Git log faster.

How to add co-authors to a Git commit

Symbolic links in Git

Here's how to track symbolic liks in a Git repository, in a way suitable for teams.

Your Git Log Should Tell A Story

A look at the practical benefits of writing descriptive commits

Automation with pre-commit hooks

Git provides a mechanism to run one or more scripts before a commit is actually added to the history called pre-commit hook. We can use this hook to run scripts that validate or sanitise the changes to be committed automatically, saving time and brain power, and assuring the quality of the codbase and git log.


Every team and every project should have a Git-iquette: a set of common practices for managing the git repository.