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How to remove trailing whitespaces from all files in a folder

Here's a shell command to trim all the trailing whitespaces in all the files of the current folder.

How to write code faster using snippets

Leveraging "snippets" is a way to get faster at writing code and free mental resources for problem solving. Most IDEs and text editor offer this feature, where you can write code scaffolding with a keyboard shortcut.

Language Agnostic Automation Setup

Every project can benefit from having a set of scripts to automate tasks such as running tests or distributing to testers. When setting up automation for your projects you can use a language agnostic setup. This will make it easier for new team members to get started, and allow you to change the setup without having to change the way the scripts are invoked.

Getting Started With Automation

A collection of tips to get you started with workflow automation, increase productivity, and save time.

Ruby for iOS Developers - Managing Ruby Tools with Bundler

Between CocoaPods and Fastlane, Ruby is an important part of the iOS developer toolchain. How can we reliably control the versions of the tools our project's automation is using in Ruby? Bundler is a simple way to specify Ruby dependencies and automate their setup.

Ruby for iOS Developers - Managing Ruby Versions

Between CocoaPods and Fastlane, Ruby is an important part of the iOS developer toolchain. Managing versions and gems can be a challenge for developers outside of the Ruby community, but it doesn't have to be. In this two parts post we will see how to simply and reliably handle our Rubies.

Opening a PR to Bitbucket from the terminal

A simple script you can run to open a PR on BitBucket for your current branch.

The best free RSS reader app ever: IFTTT + Pocket

By using the powerful automation provided by IFTTT we can make deliver the latest posts of your favourite blogs to Pocket. This is the most powerful RSS reader ever, and it is free.

Automated Xcode version and build numbering via Git

How to configure Xcode to automatically set the version and build number of your projects using Git.

How to always use the latest Simulator with Xcodebuild

There is a simple keyword you can use in the destination option of an xcodebuild command to always run the most recent Simulator version.

How to install Xcode Command Line Tools without GUI or Xcode

Here's a little script that will allow you to install the Xcode Command Line Tools without having to install Xcode, nor having a logged GUI. This can come pretty handy in automated scripts or when provisioning virtual machines.

/dev/world/2015 notes of a testing fanboy

I attended /dev/world/2015 in Melbourne this week. It has been a great conference, full of very friendly and smart people. Being a test and automation fanboy I attended as many talks related to that topic as I could. These are my notes.

Packaging an ipa with Swift files from the terminal

If you are having problems with xcodebuild failing to export your apps with either Swift or Watch Kit support here's the solution, with a handy custom script.

MailChimp automated workflow for mokacoding weekly

At mokacoding we're big on automation, and we eat our own dog's food! The workflow to write and send new issues of our newsletter, mokacoding weekly, is (partially) automated thanks to some simple Ruby scripting and Mac command line utilities.

Automation with pre-commit hooks

Git provides a mechanism to run one or more scripts before a commit is actually added to the history called pre-commit hook. We can use this hook to run scripts that validate or sanitise the changes to be committed automatically, saving time and brain power, and assuring the quality of the codbase and git log.

xUnique: a tool to avoid Xcode project merge conflicts

How many times when working on a Mac OSX or iOS app with a team have you had a merge conflict on the project.pbxproj file? I guess more than a few, a lot more than a few. Lucky for you there is an handy tool called xUnique that will make the chances of this happening way smaller.

How to run Xcode tests from the terminal

How to invoke xcodebuild to run the tests from the command line and how to format its output using xcbeautify or xcpretty

Automating iOS Enterprise Deployment with shenzhen

A way of automating the deployment of an iOS app for enterprise distribution using the shenzhen gem.

Multiple builds of the same app and TestFlight

How to distribute multiple builds of your iOS app, such as stable, QA and development builds, via TestFlight.